Ninja Saga New Event Preview !!

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Ninja Saga New Event Preview !!

Post  Drakath on Sun May 29, 2011 7:48 pm

A dark force is acting slowly against Fire Village, people who want Fire Village to suffer. This probably is the most difficult challenge. Surely you will never let this happen!

It is realized that a dark force is slowly coming to Fire Village and their power are unpredictable. Let's gather a group of Special Jounin to fight against them!

Maeda Sanza
Captain of Surprise Attack Division
An expert of Manipulated Tools and setting up traps in Fire Village. Once he was involved with the ""Shinobi Card"" project.
Jutsu: Hidden Silhouette, Manipulated Tools, Setting up traps & Assassination.

Tokugawa Bishi
Captain of Intelligence Division
Graduated with Maeda Sanza together. And invented ""Shinobi Card"" to store all the related data of every single Ninja, hence she gets promoted to be the Captain of Intelligence Division.
Jutsu: Taijutsu, Bunshinjutsu, Stealth & Assassination.

Uesugi Tatsutora
Captain of Heavy Attack
A sword master of Fire Village, has been involved with many great wars. Also known as ""Red Lava Tiger"" since his unique Jutsu is combining ""Explosive Lava"" and Kenjutsu together.
Jutsu: Fire Release, Earth Release, Explosive Lava, Kenjutsu, Lava Tiger Kenjutsu.

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